Saturday, September 26, 2009

Windy Point at Sunset

We headed up the mountain at about 4 PM hoping for a nice sunset.
We went past Windy Point almost to Summerhaven because sunset was still a ways off.
I am always fascinated by the dead trees left in the wake of the Aspen fire.

Approaching Windy Point from above on the Catalina Highway.
Duck Rock also known as Nixon Head Rock.
Windy Point!
Approaching storm from the northeast.

Beginnings of a rainbow that lasted at least an hour.

Almost set in the west

View northwest.

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  1. Nice shots Ray. Headed out for a trip myself in the morning (after 3 long weeks without one). Was headed to the coast for the last of shorebird migration, but the weather report is forcing me to the mountains instead (Shenandoah National Park).