Friday, January 1, 2010

Arivaca Cienega Trail

We traveled to Arivaca to check out the Arivaca Cienega Trail which is about 60 miles from Tucson Arizona close to the Mexican border. It is in the eastern part of Buenos Aires National Wildlife refuge and is a wonderful mix of seasonally wet marshland, meadow, and beautiful cottonwoods, as well as mesquite and hackberry groves.
We were the only ones there and we had a very peaceful walk along sidewalks,boardwalks and dirt paths. It was a perfect day with lots of wildlife including a Northern Harrier, Black Phoebe, Purple Finches, Coopers Hawk, Red Tailed Hawks(2), several White Tailed Deer, Say's Phoebe, many sparrows, etc. I got some terrific pictures, maybe 250 or so. The Northern Harrier was especially cooperative repeatedly flying low over the wetland where we could see every detail. Everything was great.
When I returned home I went directly to the computer to load my pictures. Then it happened, NO PICTURES. Ugh!!! The flash card was corrupted and even after using a recovery program most of the files were gone for good. I am to say the least sad that I am unable to share this trip with you but I have decided to return to Arivaca Saturday to try once again.
I will go armed with a new 8 gigabyte high speed flash card capable of holding 1800 pictures. I have ordered a new high speed cf card reader that is due here on the 7th of January but until then the posting of the second Arivaca trip will have to wait as my current reader cannot handle high speed cards.

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  1. Bummer! Fortunately, I have not had that misfortune happen to me (insert sound of knocking on wood)yet and hopefully never will. I hope the second trip was as successful. My NC trip was a bit of a bust, I should have stayed closer to home in places I knew, but I did get treated to thousands of snow geese and blackbirds at the very end of my last day (when there was barely any light left for photography, but still an awesome experience).