Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Madera Canyon Tanagers and Orioles

When I opened my e-bird alert this morning I was surprised to find that a Flame Colored Tanager had been confirmed at Madera Canyon. Considered an accidental stray from Mexico I did what any self respecting birder would do and took the afternoon off and headed out to Madera.

My expectation was that we would search for hours and go home disappointed. As you can see from the photos it went much better than anticipated. When we arrived we found the area it was spotted in and drove a short distance and parked the car.

Just as we arrived so did the Flame Colored Tanager. The whole process took 15 minutes not counting the drive to the canyon.

Wanting to make sure I had some usable photos we stuck around to see if it would visit again. First came this Hooded Oriole.

And then this female Hooded Oriole.

And next up was this Hepatic Tanager

And finally this Scotts Oriole!! There were also assorted hummingbirds, a Painted Redstart, White Breasted Nuthatches, Yellow Eyed Junco's, Myrtle Warbler's and etc.etc..


  1. What lovely birds! That Flamed Colored Tanager is awesome!

  2. What beautiful captures!! How exciting to see such colorful rare birds!

  3. WOW! Fabulous captures! And a very productive day of birding :) Congrats on the lovely finds!