Monday, August 23, 2010

How Green is My Valley

It has been an adequate monsoon season here in the desert areas surrounding Tucson Arizona. Temperatures have been running in the high 90's and low hundreds for what seems like forever. With the monsoon rains comes the humidity which most desert dwellers welcome except we humans who have gotten used to 8 or 9 percent humidity and have little tolerance for anything above 15 percent.
With the rains comes an amazing display of blossoms and greenery that is almost unbelievable considering that the transformation happens within weeks of the first rains.
This post isn't about what the plants are but instead is to show how a dry desert becomes a lush garden under the right conditions.
These photographs were taken at the Arivaca Cienega and Madera Canyon over the weekend. Where ever we went it was green and lush vegetation with lots and lots of flowers for added color.

Hardly makes one think Desert. This remarkable transformation is one of the reasons I love this place even though I'm not fond of heat and humidity!


  1. Ray, what a beautiful collection of photographs! You have shown us the transformation of the desert with a series of wonderful compositions.

  2. Beautiful blooms and nature photography, Ray! My favorite is the blooms in the first photo.

  3. Great post Ray! Your cactus images just blow me away every time. Gorgeous!