Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tucson Supports Wisconsin Workers

I decided to skip my usual Saturday nature walk and head over to the rally in support of the workers in Wisconsin and across the country. It's sad but not surprising that republicans who ran on an agenda promising smaller government and jobs instead have decided to use government to strip the people of their rights and to pursue a social agenda that can best be described as repressive to the extreme.
On short notice a crowd of more than 1,500 people showed up to voice there support for Wisconsin workers rights and to express outrage toward the union busting agenda that is targeting teachers, nurses, firefighters, police, women and ultimately all middle class workers.

The signs speak for themselves! The people will be heard.

I was surprised by the age of the crowd and the constant honking of horns in support of the protesters at this busy intersection.
I'm glad I went and was a part of this because I believe that this is the beginning of the rise of the middle class not the end of the American dream. I firmly believe that it's time for the upper class to pay their fair share and that corporations need to ante up and stop free loading on the backs of our middle class workers.

As a side note I fail to see how putting more people out of work is going to solve the financial problems in this country. People need to work in order to by the goods and services that will return our economy to health.
Failing to collect taxes from the wealthy and corporations and then stripping the middle class of their future is immoral. It's un-American and it's not good for the country.

The current agenda is designed to enslave women, children, the elderly and all workers by making sure that they have no right to health care, no right to collective bargaining, no right to retire at a reasonable age and with a reasonable pension, and no social safety net what so ever.

It's good to see folks, ordinary folks speak out for their rights.

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