Thursday, May 26, 2011

Help Protect Yellowstone Buffalo

Every day I read about some senseless attack on animals in the wild and I must admit that I am at a loss to explain the inhumane act itself or the kind of person that it takes to willingly participate. Acts of brutality against the Yellowstone bison herd have been going on non-stop for years, supposedly to protect the state of Montana from brucellosis which has never been transmitted from a buffalo to a cow. Not ever!
I am including the following press release from the Buffalo Field Campaign that speaks to the extreme cruelty that the Yellowstone National Park bison herd has to endure for no apparent reason. Check out how your tax dollars are being used to harass and haze innocent animals that are the symbol of our own U.S. Department of the Interior. Please donate to the Buffalo Field Campaign and help them report on the plight of these magnificent creatures that should and must be protected from those who would do them great harm.

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