Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Generation that "Could but Wouldn't"

Will we will be the generation that future generations blame for failing to protect the earth. Will we be the generation that could have saved the planet but decided not to?

Each day dozens of e-mails hit my inbox attesting to the perilous state of our environment and the deplorable state of some of our most endangered species. The gray wolf is under attack in many states where complete annihilation is the only thing that will satisfy the cattle industry. The only wild buffalo herd left in the United States is being systematically hazed and killed by those we entrusted with their care. Whales continue to be killed by Japan and Iceland. The oceans are approaching collapse. The National Parks are being starved of funds needed to keep them healthy as mining and gas and oil interests continue to try to encroach on these magnificent places with little regard for the consequences. Our air and water is being polluted at an unbelievable rate and our congress is trying to roll back most of the environmental safeguards that we have managed to put in place over the past few decades.
Politicians pander to those interests that have the deepest pockets, caring little for the future of our country and the world. In some circles environment is a dirty word and cash is king. Many of our leaders seek to undo any regulation that stands in the way of an absolute and total plunder of our resources with little or no regard for the other species that inhabit our planet.

Many sit back watching it happen and it is happening. It's picking up speed , moving at an unprecedented pace toward an irreversible outcome. Imagine a world without eagles, a world without ponderosa pines, a world where every storm turns violent, imagine a world without polar bears, or seals, or hammerhead sharks, one with no whales, no salmon, no sea turtles. All of these things are possible if nothing changes. If we continue to ignore the truth of our planets final chance at redemption then the future is bleak and generations to come will curse our lack of action.

We must get involved now. We must speak out now. Please join an organization that works to protect nature or volunteer at a preserve or perhaps a national park. Become politically aware and help elect environmentally friendly politicians.We must save the eagles, the wolves, the fishes in the oceans and we must do it now or we will become the generation that "could have saved the earth but wouldn't".

Photos taken at Madera Canyon south of Tucson, Arizona.

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