Monday, February 20, 2012

Photos of the Week-Madera Canyon

Visiting Madera Canyon is almost always filled with wildlife encounters and Saturday's hike was no exception. Both Mule Deer and White-tailed Deer are found at Madera Canyon. They blend really well in this environment so getting a good picture is not always a sure thing but it is fun to try.

These White Tail were very accommodating and we spotted at least six in the herd and had several encounters with  them during our visit. They only became alarmed when people with dogs came down the path and then it was tails up and bounding away as quickly as possible.


  1. Great shots. I had the same issue down in Patagonia. I could see the deer but they were so well camouflaged within the plants that it made it difficult to fire off some camera shots. They really posed for you well! Madera canyon is a treat on all sides. Just hope they don't muck it up with the mining bit around that area. There already is a scar that can be seen for miles. Everytime I look over to Green Valley from Tucson, I see the ugly white stains on one part of those mountains.