Friday, April 13, 2012

Doing the Right Thing...


There are a couple of events taking place next week that have to do with endangered species that I wanted to highlight here at Sonoran Connection. The first has to do with the last wild herd of buffalo at Yellowstone National Park. Next week Mike Meese co-founder and President of the Buffalo Field Campaign will be coming to the University of Arizona in Tucson to give presentations about the work of his group in Yellowstone. I have long been concerned about the treatment of the Yellowstone herd and have followed the Buffalo Field Campaign's struggle to save the bison against powerful anti buffalo interests in Montana.
I will be attending at least one of the presentations and look forward to meeting Mike and hearing about this important issue.
The dates and times are as follows:    4/18/12 @ 6 P.M.
                                                          Nugent Building Room 205
                                                          University of Arizona
                                                          Tucson, Arizona

                                                          4/19/12 @7 P.M.
                                                          The Historic Courtyard
                                                          300 East University Blvd.
                                                          University of Arizona
                                                          Tucson, Arizona

The second is Borderlands Habitat Initiative sponsored by he Friends of Buenos Aries National Wildlife Refuge which will take place at the Arivaca Community Center. The guest speaker will be Ron Pulliam Professor of Ecology at the University of Georgia. Details below:

                                                          4/18/12 @ 6P.M. to & P.M.
                                                          Arivaca Community Center
                                                          Arivaca, Arizona

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