Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lowland Leopard Frog

One of the many species that has been driven to the point of extinction here in Pima County the Lowland Leopard Frog is threatened by loss of habitat and introduction of the much larger Bull Frog into it's remaining habitat.

These frogs are currently residents at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum here in Tucson and as you can see when raised in a protected environment they seem to do quite well.

These frogs have green to brown coloration and the characteristic spots that give it it's name. The exhibit at the museum is quite well done and having seen only a few of these in the wild it is nice to see them in these numbers.

There are leopard frogs present at Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge near Sasabe Az. and at Arivaca Cienega that I have observed in my travels which means you can still see them here in Southern Arizona if you are interested.

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