Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Madera Canyon Stream Flow

                                                         SNOW IN MADERA CANYON

We went to check out the stream that flows down through Madera Canyon and found very little water running in Madera Creek and even less bird and animal activity. There are small patches of snow and a  small amount of flow so there is water  available for wildlife but we did not see the usual array of birds and animals that we are used seeing here. It was very quiet which might be attributed to our late morning arrival time. At the beginning of the Mt. Wrightson trail there is more snow and it seemed as though the stream would gain a little strength during the afternoon hours from snow melt but it was still not a huge difference.
When the Neutral Density filter arrives I have decided to head back to Sabino Canyon where the stream has a much stronger flow and much more dramatic falling water which should make for an interesting test. Once I have finished at Sabino I will consider going back to Madera especially if it warms up here in Southern Arizona which should increase the steams flow quite a bit. When there is good flow in Madera Creek there are some nice opportunities for photography and if you visit during the week it is relatively quiet with most visitors coming to watch birds..

As a side note I have added a new conservation website to the list which is the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences that does some very interesting work with birds and habitat and has an interesting assessment of the damage to managed wetlands caused by hurricane Sandy from Massachusetts to the Carolinas. You can check them out here: http://www.manomet.org

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