Friday, June 12, 2009

Catalina Highway The Road to Mt. Lemmon

At the beginning of our climb the vegetation is desert saguaro, ocotillo, and other cactus and shrubs.
Looking back at the valley.
A short distance later there is an area where due to runoff during the rains the plants are greener and more varied. Can you spot the deer?
Thimble Peak. Not to far up the mountain the saguaro and the ocotillo disappear and the landscape is very different.
The road rises past the Seven Cataracts Vista turn out.
We stopped at this picnic area to have a bite to eat and enjoy the Ponderosa Pines and the birds. We were hoping to see a bear but it was not to be on this trip although there are signs warning of bear country everywhere.
Our next stop was at this rock arch formation with the pines in the rear.

The mountains below and the valley beyond from Windy Point. Truly breathtaking!

Lots of evidence of the burn area just up the road.
Even at 8000 feet some cactus find a niche.
Recovering five years after the fire. Can you spot the wild turkey?
We turned around and headed down the mountain taking more pictures as we went.

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