Sunday, June 7, 2009

Up the Catalina Highway in the Coranado National Forest

Looking back at the Tucson Mountains way,way,way across the valley.
The road winds up the mountain revealing spectacular views in every direction.
Looking back at the road from far above.
In times of heavy rain water rushes down the mountain and in this case washed away one lane of the roadway.
Summerhaven rests at the very top of the mountain and is still recovering from a devastating fire more than five years ago.


  1. I enlarged the photo of the washed away road--that's intense. Really enjoying your blog.

  2. The first time we went up the mountain they had to close the road the next day because of a giant sink hole that opened up and collapsed the road.

  3. Really enjoying the pictures. So different from here! I'm going to have to visit when I retire.