Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Owls

This is without a doubt the most beautiful owl you will ever see. We had visitors from Florida that wanted to go to the Desert Museum to see the raptor free flight program and as usual we were not disappointed.
This Barn Owl met us at the entrance and again in the program. It is quite frankly breathtaking. A raptor that usually hunts at night, it is rarely seen by most people. More information on the Barn Owl can be found here:
This Barn Owl was hatched and raised at the museum and is a regular participant in the program that happens twice daily at 10:30 AM and !:45 PM.

Although this Great Horned Owl did not fly in the program it was brought out at the end and introduced to the crowd. At one point we got to watch it gobble down a mouse which it swallowed whole. Information on the Great Horned Owl can be found here:

This is a Western Screech Owl which is very small. More information about this raptor can be found here:


  1. Great owl close-ups Ray. Especially the Barn Owl. I love Barn Owls. Miss seeing and handling them at Cape May... A pair used to fly over the town periodically screeching and we'd catch one every now and then in the nets. They have some neat physiological features that are evolutionary throwbacks, but the coolest are their extreme adaptations for hunting in the dark.

  2. It's great having the desert museum just up the road. Can't wait until you can visit.