Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day Two- Sweetwater Wetlands

We closed out our week-end of water at Sweetwater Wetlands located right in the middle of Tucson Arizona. This is a water reclamation project that provides water to city parks and golf courses and serves as an urban wildlife habitat and classroom. It's really quite ingenious and very beautiful as you will see from the photos.

It was a day of ducks which were in abundance. These are Northern Shovelers which numbered in the hundreds if not thousands.

I spent allot of time just trying to capture their personality and behaviors.

This female at rest kept a watchful eye on me.

It seems strange to see cattails here in the desert but it also reminds me of home in New England.
The other duck that was most prevalent was the American Wigeon.

At one point the American Coot was standing on the turtle.
As you can see there were lots of ducks.
We saw this Great Egret a couple of different times during the day. He was hunting very successfully although I'm not sure what the main course was.

A large flock of blackbirds flew in and I got a few shots of this Yellow- Headed Blackbird.

American Wigeon and Northern Shovelers.
This was the prettiest of them all. The Cinnamon Teal was present in small numbers.

Very fall like colors throughout the facility.

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