Saturday, March 6, 2010

Birding the Arivaca Cieniga

We were very fortunate to encounter several Vermilion Flycatchers up close as they were on the hunt for flying insects and didn't really mind my presence.
The female is not quite as stunning as the male but still a very beautiful bird in her own right.

Not a great picture but I thought it gives a view of the bird that really shows its color patterns.
The one that got away! I just like this shot.
Red Red Red!
This Northern Harrier was passing over the Cieniga just a few feet above the ground. Truly a magnificent raptor.
The trees are starting to green up and there are signs of spring everywhere. It was actually hot in the sun which there was plenty of.
We saw both Red Tailed and Red Shouldered Hawks but I only got this shot of the Red Tail.

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  1. Ray- I'm enjoying your blog. Awesome photos & nice style. It was nice to see other people's photos of the seAZ BwBTC. Also, I'm with you on the wolf reintroduction. I've been closely following the Mexican Gray Wolf.
    Nice meeting you in AZ.