Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Busy Month At Sonoran Connection

This weekend we took a trip to the Arivaca Cieniga to do a little birdwatching and get some much needed exercise. Even though we have been in Arizona for a number of years it is just this past year that we have started to pay attention to the ebb and flow of birds that either live here year round or visit on their way to some where else or winter here . This Area has an extraodinarily diverse bird population especially during migration periods.
Our visit to Arivaca was a good one with plenty to see including Northern Harrier up close as well as my first look at a male Vermilion Flycatcher. Find out why this area is significant here at:
Next week on Saturday the 13th of March we are headed to Patagonia for a meet up with birdwatching folks that we have met through Twitter. They all seem very nice and hopefully I can learn a few things birding with this group. Most of my time in the field is spent with Nancy or alone so this should be an interesting change for me. I will blog about this get together and let you know what birds we encounter during the day. Our hope is that we will see the Elegant Trogan and get some pictures to share here at SC.
On Saturday March 20th we will be hiking into Brown Canyon with Richard Conway who is the president of Friends of Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge. Richard will be leading a geology walk and has kindly invited us to go along to take pictures and blog about our experience. I am really looking forward to this adventure in the canyon and having an opportunity to promote this area of environmental importance to my readers.

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