Sunday, May 16, 2010

Born and Hazed in Montana The Real Story of the Yellowstone Buffalo

Once again I am deeply disappointed by the actions of the State of Montana and the National Park Service in regards to their treatment of the Yellowstone Buffalo. Some time ago in response to this treatment I decided to personally stop eating beef and I would like to report that I have kept my word even though it has not always been easy. Recent reports from the Buffalo Field Campaign have reinforced my decision but clearly more needs to be done to stop the cruelty that has become a way of life for the Yellowstone Buffalo.

Unfortunately we will never stop the hazing and murder of the buffalo in Yellowstone without a concerted, coordinated approach to convincing the Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar that this is an unacceptable approach to the management of these magnificent animals. Please read about the plight of the Yellowstone Buffalo at  and contact Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar here:

I have included just a small portion of what you will find at the Buffalo Field Campaigns website.

How do you begin to write about a time such as buffalo have had this week? We have witnessed--and the buffalo have endured--so much this week: a wild buffalo being born the day before Mother's Day, wildlife coming into the world between a fence and a highway; being graced with the gift of a bull buffalo migrating through our yard. Before the week is over, a total of 600 buffalo will have been needlessly and aggressively forced off of their chosen ground in Montana, and hundreds more buffalo deep inside Yellowstone are being harassed to make room for those forced to leave the state. Welcome to West Yellowstone: it is that time of year when the appeasement of cattle interests attempts to overpower ancient natural law, the approach of the nonsensical May 15th deadline when the Montana Department of Livestock demands that no more wild buffalo exist in Montana.

Please do what you can.

Friend of the Yellowstone Buffalo

Ray Goodwin

Sonoran Connection

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