Monday, May 3, 2010

Oil Spill Headed to the Florida Keys

At this point the Florida Keys stand to take a major hit from the Gulf oil spill which has yet to be controlled. As someone with a personal connection to the Keys it is heart breaking to hear this news.
My daughter, Sarah who works at the Key West Wildlife Rescue as a wildlife rehabilitator tells me that they are preparing for what is sure to be an unprecedented number of wildlife tragedies. While they are equipped to handle a reasonable number of casualties an event of this magnitude will quickly overcome their resources. I encourage all of you who spend time on Sonoran Connection to donate $15, $20 $50 or more to this caring organization that is about to be tested as it never has been before.
Make checks payable to :

Key West Wildlife Center
P.O. Box 2297
Key West Fl. 33045

For those of you who are in the area you can drop off supplies at the following location.

Key West Wildlife Center
1801 white Street
Key West, FL. 33040

Some simple items we use regularly that can be donated:

Paper Towels
Dawn Dish Detergent
Dog and Cat Bowls, preferable heavier bowls so the birds don’t knock them over in their cages
High Protein Dry Dog Food (used as part of the diet for a lot of our baby and adult songbirds, we also have a turtle pond in the park with several water turtles that enjoy the dog food as well!)
Wild Bird Seed (the birds especially enjoy black oil sunflower seeds!)
Dog and Cat Carriers
Dish Washing Sponges (the two sides sponges, one side rough, one side soft, are best)
Frozen Berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries) another important component of song bird baby and adult diets
Gift Cards to Home Depot (can be used by the center for a variety of items, to purchase building supplies for outdoor cages, cleaning supplies, the list goes on and on!)
Monetary Donations (these help defray the operational costs such as food for the birds, frozen mice and chicks for our raptors and frozen fish for our fish eating birds)
Donating your time! A very worthwhile experience indeed. Whether you are interested in helping out inside the bird hospital, helping with the outdoor bird habitats, going on bird rescures,or assisting with yard maintenence inside our beautiful park, the possibilities are endless! We also need those with specific skills such as plumbing, electric, and building experience to volunteer their expertise as the center continues to grow!

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