Friday, March 2, 2012

Picture of the Week-Desert Bloom

The desert has many faces. Some are foreboding and hostile while others are breathtakingly beautiful. Spring in the Sonoran Desert can put on quite a display of wildflowers depending on the winter rainfall amounts. This year has been a fairly reasonable year for rain and so far the flowers are nothing short of spectacular.

The Brittlebush has been blossoming for a while and when in full color is amazing to see. Information on brittlebush can be found at:

One of the most delicate looking plants here in the Sonoran Desert is known as Fairy Dusters and it is not what I expected to see when I first visited the desert. Information on Fairy Duster can be found at:

A broken foot has kept me in slow motion for quite some time but I will be out this weekend in the southern most  part of Arizona photographing flowers and of course doing a little nature watching along the way. For those of you who have never visited the Tucson area in the spring it is the best weather anywhere, dry and cool to warm, in short pleasant  and great for being out of doors.


  1. I hope you foot is healing. It has been a great couple months of nice weather. The Desert Lupines, P.P., and Globe Mallow are showing their true's really nice. Hope you have some great viewing.

  2. Beautiful desert flowers! Hope your foot heals quickly~