Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekly Photographs-Sonoran Birds

My adventures into the desert have been curtailed for some time now by my inability to walk long distances. There is however a glimmer of hope that this may be changing for the better and frankly it will be a welcome improvement. In the last few months, a period where I had planned to hike and get into shape, I have had to spend my time sitting around putting on weight and wishing I could get back in the field and discover new and exciting places. I have stayed close to home but have managed to do a little photography which I'm happy to share here.

Birds generally are the most difficult subject that I photograph. They seldom pose and some of them never stop moving in a relentless search for food. None of this is true of the Curved-billed Thrasher who always seems to stick around until you get the shot. More information on Curved-billed Thrashers can be found at:

Most people associate the Northern Cardinal with Christmas cards and snow but I see and hear lots of Cardinals here in the Sonoran Desert. Information on this female Cardinal can be found at: 

There are many hummingbirds here in the southern part of Arizona including the Costa's that you see here sitting on her nest. I have a feeder outside my window where I sit at the computer and currently count 7 different individuals that are regulars. I have Costa's, Anna's, Black Chinned and recently have spotted a new young fledgling that is just learning the ropes. Information on the Costa's Hummingbird can be found here: .

On a positive note one of my Mexican Gray Wolf photos was chosen to be included in an educational sign at a museum in Sierra Vista. I'll share the proofs as soon as I receive them from the museum.


  1. Lovely photos. I've always admired the subtile beauty of the female cardinal.

  2. Great shots -- I really like your Curved-billed Thrasher photo

  3. Great shots! Sorry you cant get out and about as you want..Hope you are better soon!
    Congrats on your Mexican Gray Wolf photo being chosen for the sign!