Thursday, December 20, 2012

400 Yellowstone Buffalo Targeted for Execution

Buffalo Field Campaign is the only group working in the field
and in the policy arena to protect America's last wild bison.
Dear Ray ,

State and federal agencies plan to kill hundreds of wild bison near the Yellowstone border this winter.

Citing a "skewed sex ratio" resulting from their own slaughter operations, government agencies recently announced their desire to kill at least 400 female bison this winter alone. Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC) plans to intervene, and needs your support to protect these bison and their right to migrate.

The wild buffalo you and I protect are the only in America to continuously occupy their native habitat. They are the only living link to the great herds of their ancestors that once covered most of the continent. Once 40 million strong, less than 4,500 wild bison survive, and Buffalo Field Campaign is the only group solely dedicated to their protection--and you are a crucial part of our team.

As BFC begins our 16th year of buffalo defense, your help continues to allow us to make progress. Our work in the courts, supported by evidence gathered on field patrols, has grounded the Department of Livestock (DOL) helicopter. When we showed evidence that the helicopter was harming threatened grizzly bears, a federal judge ordered the DOL not to use it last spring. Later, the DOL announced that the "helicopter hazing program has ended and no longer exists." A major victory for buffalo and the ecosystem!

BFC patrols are in the field with the buffalo at this very minute, as we have been every time buffalo have stepped out of the part since 1997--because this is where they are most vulnerable. Our patrols monitor the migrations, document every action against buffalo, take direct action to protect them, and inspire a wide range of buffalo protection efforts.

Because this "war" has so many fronts, we are also working in the courts to allow bison room to roam on their habitat outside of Yellowstone, to halt the commercialization of wild bison offspring, and to ensure that the DOL helicopter is permanently prohibited from harassing wild bison. On the legislative front, BFC employs a year-round policy coordinator in Washington, DC who works with members of Congress to change the underlying policies that have resulted in the killing of 4,000 buffalo since the late 1990s.

All of these efforts cost money. Although we are an efficient organization known for stretching every dollar to its fullest, our succes is dependent upon your generosity. BFC is counting on your contribution today so we can continue our battles for the buffalo's right to roam and our work to save the 400 buffalo mommas slated for slaughter.

With the agencies intent on killing buffalo by the hundreds this winter it is crucial that we organize the most energetic and effective advocacy effort. Your year-end gift will help ensure that we keep the pressure on in the courts, in the halls of government, and in the fields where the buffalo roam. No matter the size of your gift, your personal support is essential to the buffalo's future. Thank you for helping us to finish the year strong so we can keep our focus where it belongs: on defending the buffalo!

For the Buffalo,

Dan Brister
Executive Director
Buffalo Field Campaign

P.S. Please stand with us to protect the buffalo. With the killing season targeting the mothers and matriarchs of the herds, we hope you will send the most generous year-end gift you!

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