Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Raptor Free Flight Photography Practice

The Desert Museum is really very close to my house and when I want to practice my photography skills or try out different settings it's an ideal spot. I decided to go to the afternoon Raptor Free Flight to see what results I would get setting the camera at ISO 160, Shutter Speed 1000 and Aperature 6.3.

This Barn Owl is the most wide spread owl worldwide. I was happy with the results even though this is a cropped photo shot at 70 mm.

 Only 100 pairs of Gray Hawk breed in Arizona. They use riparian areas with cottonwoods as nesting sites and I have been lucky enough to see over a dozen of them over the last few years mostly in Arivaca and Buenos Aires National WIldlife Refuge.

I plan on returning to RFF sometime soon and shortening the shutter speed to 1250 or faster to see if I can get better results with the wing movement.

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