Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Aspen Fire 6 Years Later

I have made several trips up the Catalina Highway recently and have been fascinated by the remnants of the 2003 Aspen Fire. These pictures are not in any particular order but they do give a pretty good indication of how long it takes for a forest to rejuvenate itself. Six years ago on the 4th of July the fire on the mountain was raging down the mountain towards Tucson.

As you can see thousands of trees were destroyed. Tree loss is greater as you get nearer to Summerhaven which was destroyed by this date six years ago.
There are many positive signs of regeneration and the wildlife is in abundance although I have yet to see one of those bears that are advertised near the summit.

Many spectacular views were revealed by the fire.
While Summerhaven has rebuilt many of the homes that were destroyed the landscape still looks like it will be many more years before it returns to it's former beauty.
I will be heading up the mountain later today to see what effects last nights rain had and to hopefully get a little exercise. I'll do another post before the weekend is over. Have a great 4th.

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