Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Seven Cataracts The Waterfalls

When I heard that Mt Lemmon had over an Inch and a half of rain my first thoughts were of photographing water everywhere. What I found was evidence that it had rained visa vie a couple of puddles and numerous rockslides above mile three. One of the strangest sights I've seen lately is a pick up truck with a snow plow on the 4th of July coming down the mountain with it's plow down. Apparently pushing the rocks from the roadway.

On the ride up the mountain we skipped right by the Seven Cataracts.

On the way down we stopped to enjoy the view, have a sandwhich and look for critters. Due to the unusually large amount of traffic headed up the mountain for fourth of July picnics and the Summerhaven parade it was quite noisy. Then there was a break in the traffic and I could hear what I thought was the wind down in the canyon. Turns out it was running water!!!

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