Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sabino Canyon

Here are some shots I took in early May on a trip to Sabino Canyon
This is a great place to spend a day. You can take the tram up and down the canyon road and get on and off at several stops.
Sabino Canyon is tucked in the Santa Catalina Mountains and has many spectacular views.
The last stop. Many people get off the tram here and walk back down the road.

Thimble Rock which can be seen from both Sabino Canyon and the Catalina Highway

A great place to swim if there is no threat of rain up on the mountain. Swimmers were swept to their deaths when heavy rains on the mountain rushed down the stream bed this last summer.
The water is very refreshing especially if you have been hiking in the sun.
There are many hiking trails that take you off the road and into the back country. There are mountain lions, bears and rattle snakes as well as rugged terrain but it sure is beautiful.

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