Sunday, October 18, 2009

Autumn Comes to the Southwest

Fall has arrived here in the Tucson area and it's quite beautiful especially on Mt. Lemmon.
While it was near record heat in the valley it was nicely in the low 70's on the mountain which was great for hiking and picnicking and just being outside.
The foliage on the Mt. is not as wide spread as it is in the northeast but it is still very beautiful and it brings back memories of earlier falls in New England for me.
We saw lots of bluebirds and nuthatches as well as many yellow eyed juncos.
We saw a few hawks and ravens but not what you would expect this time of year.
You can see how much of Summerhaven was destroyed by the fire six years ago and how long the recovery will be.

The ferns are dying back and getting ready for another winter.
We are approaching the ski area and there is quite a bit of color and the air is brisk. Almost like home.

The ski area is really nice and the lift runs year round so you can go to the top of the mountain at over 9000 ft above sea level and the views are terrific.

The aspens are truly spectacular.
The oaks are turned as well.
Poison Ivy is a nice red!
We stopped a couple of times on the way down just to get some more shots but we were anxious to get home and rest up for a busy week.

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