Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wolves-Yellowstones Cottonwood Pack Destroyed

On this fine October morning that should be filled with joy and anticipation of my trip to Mt. Lemmon my heart is broken over the destruction of Yellowstone National Parks Cottonwood wolf pack. All of the adults that comprise this pack have been killed and the remaining offspring left to die. This happened because the Interior Department removed these wonderful animals from the endangered species list and allowed them to be slaughtered for no good reason. At this point more than 60 wolves have been killed in Yellowstone and the greater Rockies.
As I approach my retirement years it has been my single clear desire to spend a lengthy period of time photographing Yellowstone National Park, especially the wolves. A part of that dream has died on this day, taken away by this unbelievably cruel act. It is time to take action against those who allow our national treasures to be eradicated. These wolves belonged to all of us and others had no right to take them from us. I am calling for the following actions to take place immediately.

1 I call on the Interior Department to stop the killing of wolves immediately and re-list them with the full protection of the Endangered Species Act.
2 Require Ken Salazar who is the head of Interior to explain how this unconscionable slaughter could have taken place on his watch. He must explain why considering his ranching background that he made this flawed decision that deprived so many Americans of their national treasure.
3 If he cannot adequately explain then I call for him to step down as Secretary of Interior and I also call on President Obama to replace him with someone who will make decisions based on science and the rights of all Americans who own the National Parks not the ranchers.
4 Support and donate as much as you can to who have long worked to reintroduce wolves to Yellowstone and other areas of the country.
5 I will personally not eat beef as I feel that most of the senseless death of wolves and buffalo in Yellowstone is related to the cattle industries desire to control public lands and protect their own interests ahead of the national good.


  1. Congrats! I just stopped because I knew this post was sometime new and interesting too. You are doing an important contribution in with the text! Thanks for sharing all this with us. Have a great time!

  2. Defenders is doing their damndest to save this species and I support them to the fullest. Thank you for caring so much for these wonderful creatures. RIP Cottonwood pack :'(
    Karen Allred