Saturday, October 10, 2009

Madera Canyon

After the final turn on to Whitehouse Road it's ten miles to Madera Canyon across a very expansive area with excellent views. The first encounter with wild life was this Red Tail Hawk.
We saw two roadrunners early in the ride up to the canyon.
We only saw fifteen different birds on our trip. Most of these were on the road leading up to the canyon. There was very little water available and even fewer seeds so we think migrating birds that usually stop over in the canyon went on to better feeding grounds.

The first of two Loggerhead Shrikes that we encountered on our excursion.

Squirrels remind me of home as we don't see them unless we head up to the mountains.

Lorquin's Admiral Lots of these butterflies hanging around the only pools of water that we encountered.
We saw five of these in the canyon.

We hiked the trail toward one of the mines which was gradually steeper and steeper as we went along. It was also very rocky and and a difficult climb.

I love the Sycamores.

The trail gets harder!
On the way out of the canyon we stopped to get some pictures of the surrounding mountains and the valley.
Elephant Head Rock.
Our second Shrike!
This area was burned some time in the recent past.

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