Sunday, June 19, 2011

Monument Fire Rages 6/19/11

Urgent Notice! Latest Evacuation Information

With winds forecast at more than 50 miles per hours I expected that the situation in Sierra Vista to worsen as the day went on and sadly I was right. As we entered the city limits smoke was billowing from Miller Canyon and traveling as far as the eye could see.

Once again I was unable to access the area beyond Ramsey Road but I certainly understand why officials had the area closed off to the public and I do not want to be a problem for firefighters who obviously have their hands full with today's developments.

With the direction of the high winds it was only a matter of time that the fire would move out of the canyon and threaten populated areas and as of this afternoon new mandatory evacuations have been called for as it is reported that the fire has crossed highway 92 and entered the grasslands that are so very dry.

Information on the evacuation order can be found here at:

As I took this photo I overheard several residents by the side of the road talking about the pending evacuation order. Behind me are neighborhoods that are threatened and it looks like some have already left the area.

Equipment continues to arrive and the firefighting crew has grown to more than a thousand personnel.

The evacuation information leads me to believe that San Pedro Wildlife Conservation Area could be effected in the next couple of days as this flare up shows.

Planes fighting the fire apparently have been grounded due to the high winds but were to be deployed in the afternoon despite the conditions. I caught this one returning to base for reloading.


  1. Ray, thank you so very much for posting these current photos of the Monument Fire. Words cannot express the emotions from my heart for both the human population and wildlife population during this crisis. I visited that area March 2010 and fell in love with it, and wanted to move there. My auntie lives out in Bisbee, and last year I traveled hwy 92 from SV to Bisbee. Truly beautiful mountains and landscape.

  2. The fires in AZ and NM are horrible this year. Will it rain before everything burns to the ground? I really wonder. . .