Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yellowstone's Failure to Protect Bison

Yellowstone National Park has betrayed wild buffalo and the American people. Without giving public notice or seeking any input, Yellowstone National Park consigned fifty-three of America's last wild bison, captured during 2011, to the USDA Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA APHIS) for a population control experiment. This move contradicts numerous public announcements from Yellowstone officials that all wild buffalo captured during 2011 would be released. USDA APHIS plans to use the buffalo to experiment with GonaCon, a chemical immunocontraceptive vaccine.

APHIS claims that they will need up to 100 buffalo for these sterilization experiments, and says that none of the buffalo will be returned to Yellowstone and many will be consigned to slaughter.

Once again Yellowstone National Park has failed to carry out it's duty to protect the wild buffalo herd from harm. These animals have endured what can only be described as extreme cruelty at the hands of the federal government and the State of Montana and it needs to stop before the entire herd vanishes from the landscape.

Please follow the link to The Buffalo Field Campaigns site to get the whole story and to be able to contact Yellowstone's superintendent to let him know that this is wrong and needs to stop immediately.

Help me save the Yellowstone herd

Ray Goodwin
Sonoran Connection

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