Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cooper's Hawk

This morning I decided to take my camera with me on my daily walk through Tucson Estates. Some mornings I take it and see very little worth photographing. On other days I leave it home and see quite a few things that I would like a picture of. Yesterday was a good example of this phenomenon. No camera and an Anna's Hummingbird landed in a mesquite not more than five feet away and proudly proclaimed it's presence.
This accipiter is a regular who likes to chase doves throughout the complex so I see him quite often, usually as doves scatter to the wind as he approaches.
Today while chasing off a few doves he landed in a tree just as I was walking by. I thought for sure that my presence would spook him and I would not get an opportunity to photograph him as has happened so many times before. Today however he was not at all concerned by me and even with a 28-135 mm lens I was able to get this picture. It wasn't until he spotted another batch of doves that he flew off to scatter them once again. You can find detailed information on the range and habits of the Cooper's Hawk here:

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