Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mockingbird and Robin

I went to Sabino Canyon this morning to practice with my rental lens before I head to Whitewater Draw on Saturday. The last time I was there , not that long ago, there were birds everywhere but this morning it was really very quiet. We saw mockingbirds and phainopepla and robins and a few western bluebirds but not much else.

The bluebirds would not cooperate but I did get some shots that allowed me to practice. The lens is very heavy and carrying it on a monopod is a chore but I have to say so far I like the results. The image quality is excellent and I'm still achieving a good rate of acceptable photos. Photographing birds is not as easy as you might think even when they are just sitting in a tree or bush if you don't get proper eye contact and a decent pose the picture turns out to be worthless.

Nan and I both love seeing Robins and Sabino Canyon is one of the few places that we have seen them consistently at this time of year. We saw several today all of them females. Still an exciting find for a New England boy who grew up with Robins as the harbinger go spring. Tomorrow we're picnicking in Madera Canyon for the holiday and some more practice. Have a happy Thankgiving.

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