Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mountain Lions Spotted in Sabino Canyon

According to wildlife officials there are approximately 67 mountain lions in the Santa Catalina and Rincon Mountains and one lucky biker saw three of them near the Sabino Dam overlook last Friday. Hugh Garvey was able to photograph the three described as a female and two older cubs. I have not included the link to the story as I don't know how long it will be active but I easily found the story by searching Sabino Canyon Mountain Lions.

This is the view from the overlook taken in January 2012 when the stream was running. On our visit this last Sunday there was very little water and nothing behind the dam.

As it turns out Nan and I were a couple of days late arriving at the overlook on Sunday where we enjoyed the view and a snack before descending to the dam and hiking our way out along the mostly dry stream. Had I known that mountain lions had been seen in the area I would have been more vigilant  especially while at the overlook which is my usual resting spot on this hike.

This photograph was taken at the desert museum and is so far the only place that I have seen Mountain Lions. I was told of a Mountain Lion spotted near where I live in the Tucson Mountains some time last week but unfortunately I have had no corroborating information from any other source so it's impossible to know if it's a legitimate sighting or not. You can read more about Mountain Lions here at:

As a side note I am very excited about next weeks trip to Whitewater Draw to photograph the Sandhill Cranes and whatever else happens to be there during my visit.

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  1. I heard about the Mountain lions. What an exciting find! Hopefully everyone plays nice so that we all can see them:)....not close mind you. Have fun at Whitewater. I truly understand your excitement. Southern Arizona is wonderful.