Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sonoran Summer

While most of the country is dealing with drought conditions we have had more rain than normal in both June and July. Today was a reasonably cool day ( 100 degrees ) for the Sonoran Desert and I had to take advantage and take my camera and ride out into Tucson Mountain Park.

Those of you who are familiar with this area know how dry and parched looking it is in periods of little or no rain. I still find it amazing how quickly the plant life responds to the monsoon rains especially the Ocotillo which greens over night.

Even though the summer brings with it some challenges like extreme heat and humidity it can be one of the prettiest times of year with it's afternoon puffy white clouds that are usually a precursor to thunder storms. Today the lightning and rain stayed to  the west of us although with the expansive views here I could see it in the distance towards Kitt Peak.

Each morning around 5 A.M. I take a walk up the road and am entertained by rabbits, deer, havelina and many birds. i really enjoy the night hawks and the pyrrhuloxia. You can read about these cardinal like birds that are in abundance each morning.

Check out the Common Nighthawk here: