Sunday, November 15, 2009

Buffalo Field Campaign News

A coalition of conservation groups that includes the Buffalo Field Campaign, as well as native americans, and Montanan's has filed a lawsuit against the National Park Service to end it's role in the slaughter of Yellowstone National Park's wild bison. The suit contends that the park service is not fulfilling it's mission to preserve the wild buffalo and" leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations". Complete information on the suit can be accessed here:

For those of you who are just becoming aware of this issue it is truly a heartbreaking story of mismanagement and cruel treatment of one of America's true icons, the Yellowstone Buffalo herd, by the people who are charged with their care and protection. I have followed the Buffalo Field Campaign for years and I am extremely impressed with their tenacious pursuit of justice and peace for the last wild bison in America. Thousands of buffalo have been slaughtered and hazed and treated horribly by the National Park Service and the cattle interests in Montana. Because of the tragedy of over 3000 wild bison slaughtered and now the assault on the Gray Wolf I have personally removed beef from my diet. I am convinced that the cattle industries desire to control public lands for grazing is the root cause of the destruction of both the Yellowstone Bison and Gray Wolves.
Please take a look at Buffalo Field Campaign and give as generously as you can to help stop this senseless slaughter.

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    Yes! I just saw it, and I posted a comment (I hope) thanking you for the informative post. This is really great and we are thankful to you for doing this. Thanks for being with us for the buffalo!!