Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Personal Heroes

My Personal Heroes is a new addition to Sonoran Connection that gives me a chance to pay respects to people who have shown an extraordinary commitment to wildlife and the environment. It will be an informal way of saying thanks to folks who have consistently given of their time and talents.
The first person I would like to honor is Sarah Goodwin Nguyen  for her work in wildlife rescue in Key West, Florida. Sarah has been involved with Key West Wildlife Rescue as a rescuer, rehabber, operations manager and volunteer. Sarah has given countless hours caring for,feeding,treating and rescuing all manner of birds and animals around Key West. In all my many years I have never met another individual with a bigger heart or more generous spirit when it comes to injured, abused or abandoned animals.
I am especially happy to make Sarah my first Personal Hero as she is my one and only daughter and the work that she does with wildlife makes me and her mother enormously proud of her.


  1. God is my hero, he sought me and saved me...

    Love the stories! These animals and people are amazing! Thanks for your blog.