Friday, November 20, 2009

Pima Canyon and Pusch Ridge Wilderness

I decided to see what was at the end of Magee Road and was delighted to find Pima Canyon Trailhead. While very pretty Fountain Grass is an invasive species here in the Sonoran Desert.

I didn't have to hike far to get this view as the path moves steadily upward.

Further up the trail you can get an idea of the expansiveness of the valley. The haze that hangs over the city is only visible from a distance. When your in the city it seems relatively clear.

The sun is just getting high enough to strike the top of the peak. It was about 55 degrees while I was hiking until the sun was up .

There are many saguaros in the area where I was walking. A short distance into the trip there was a sign posted that designated the area ahead as wilderness. I was out there for over two hours and never saw another soul. It was very quiet and rejuvinating. I wasn't able to go as far as I wanted to on this trip because I was not prepared for more than a mile or two into the desert without proper supplies and someone knowing where I was hiking. Even at this time of year the desert can be extremely unforgiving if you are not prepared. I will return and try to get into the back country at some point.

There are some very impressive rock faces that are absolutely beautiful in the morning sun. The Pusch Ridge Wilderness area consists of 56,933 acres and starts at 3000 ft and rises to 9000 ft above sea level.

I came across this great crestate saguaro cactus on the trail. I have only seen half a dozen of these in the last five years of exploring the surrounding area which makes them pretty rare specimens.

There were a few rabbits like this one and a variety of birds including phainepepla, cactus wrens, gold finches, and thrashers.

Teddy Bear Cholla

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