Sunday, November 22, 2009

To The Mountain and Back

It takes me about an hour to walk to the base of Golden Gate Mountain. It's a nice walk in Tucson Mountain Park. This picture is about 30 minutes from the house looking back the way I came.
Approaching the base of the mountain.
The detail is incredible as you get up close to the mountain. It was extremely quiet with very little wildlife evident and no one else on the trail either coming or going. We had a very dry summer as the monsoons never really did much so the desert is dry,dry ,dry.
My house is in the center grouping of houses which is where I started out to give you an idea of the distance to the base of Golden Gate.

It was 45 degrees when I started out and I needed a coat, an hour and half later I'm down to a tee shirt. It warms up quickly and will be a really nice day around 75 or so with no shortage of sunshine.

I sent this picture to the Tucson Audubon Society to see if they could identify it for me as I'm not sure what it is. I thought maybe a Gray Vireo but I'm not really good with desert birds yet.

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  1. Since shots Ray. Gray Vireo looks like the right ID to me. Also right habitat (I assume this wasn't along a stream).