Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yellowstone Bison and Wolves

When I hear that another Yellowstone buffalo has been sent to slaughter for trying to survive I ask myself this simple question. Why? The answer always seems to somehow end up on the Montana cattle industries doorstep.
America and Americans love the Yellowstone buffalo and expect that the National Park Service and the State of Montana to protect and defend them and to insure their survival for future generations. Nowhere in the National Park Services mission does it say it is OK to haze or kill the buffalo to save a few cattle. The National Park Service needs to return it's primary focus to making sure that all of the creatures in their care are protected from harm.
Cattle interests have also been involved in trying to eliminate the gray wolf as well. Science tells us to restore the major predators to the environment and the whole ecology will improve and become revitalized. This has been proven in Yellowstone and still there are people who would undo the good that has been done by reintroducing the wolves to the national park.
The cattle industry wants to eliminate the last remaining wild bison herd and the Gray Wolf to protect a few cows and to keep it's control over public lands. Other areas of the country have learned to coexist with the gray wolf. Montana cattle industry should concentrate on becoming a good neighbor to both the Gray Wolf and the Bison. It is not ok to kill these beautiful animals as they belong to me and all other Americans.
Please stand up for the Yellowstone Buffalo and the the Gray Wolves by taking action. Several organizations that need your support are listed on this site to help you make a difference. Please do whatever you can to stop these senseless killings.

Ray Goodwin

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