Monday, November 30, 2009

Sun and Rain and Sun Again

I was greeted at the beginning of Catalina Highway by this Red Tailed Hawk who seemed intent upon some snack that was just below in hiding.
I was able to approach very close and get a great look because it was so intent on whatever it was hunting. I guess it decided that I wasn't a threat and a meal was more important.
As you can see the sky is clear and it's sunny although it was quite cool around 50 degrees.
Started to see clouds early on but nothing that looked like it would produce rain.
I stopped at Molino Basin as there is usually a few birds hanging around and I wasn't disappointed. First I saw two Ruby Crowned Kinglets but did not get pictures. I also saw Bay Breasted Flycatchers, and cactus wrens.
The Arizona Trail was across the roadway and I decided to hike a couple of miles out the trail to see what it was all about. Now it's getting colder and cloudier. Even with a good jacket I had to keep moving to keep warm. You can learn more about the Arizona Trail here:

The trail was easy at the beginning but I took a turn into a rock filled wash because I wanted to see where it went and get a little exercise climbing over the rocks.

Then the weather changed! Thunder and sprinkles sent me headed back down the trail to the warm car. I headed up the mountain to see what it was like above me and it rained very hard for quite a while.
I made it up as far as the Seven Cataracts and watched the rain.
Before I left the clearing started to roll in and the rain ceased.

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